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  • 工艺经验丰富

    01 Process experience

    We have accumulated rich practical experience by cooperating with and learning from major scientific research departments of water treatment equipment, drawing on excellent production techniques, and adopting a wide range of suppliers, from the design and development of water treatment equipment in Chongqing to the manufacture and marketing of water treatment equipment ;

  • 品质质量保证

    02Quality Assurance

    Pure water treatment equipment adopts membrane elements and technical design and manufacturing. It has excellent non-standard design, manufacturing and service capabilities. It has complete production and testing equipment for water treatment equipment, complete varieties and specifications, and reliable and stable product quality.

  • 服务范围广泛

    03 Wide range of services

    Serving domestic sewage treatment equipment (community, school sewage treatment equipment, catering sewage treatment equipment) and industrial wastewater treatment equipment (plating plant wastewater treatment equipment, printing and dyeing plant wastewater treatment equipment, electronics factory wastewater treatment equipment, leather factory wastewater treatment equipment , Food plant wastewater treatment equipment, high concentration wastewater treatment equipment) and other fields;

  • 完善售后服务

    04Perfect after sales service

    24-hour service system, allowing you to solve water treatment equipment product problems at any time and solve them for you in a timely manner to ensure customer benefits

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Consulting Tel: 176-2308-0766


Chongqing Sky Blue Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sewage treatment equipment company, focusing on the production of integrated sewage treatment equipment, domestic sewage treatment equipment, industrial sewage treatment equipment, septic tank cleaning, etc. Sky Blue sewage treatment equipment is made with good technology Complete, complete specifications, reliable quality, welcome new and old customers to inquire! Sky Blue is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of water treatment technology, integrating reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, domestic / industrial sewage and medium Design of water treatment projects such as water treatment, ion exchange, EDI electrodialysis, groundwater removal of iron and manganese ...

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